Britton’s Bullpen Travel Baseball 2021

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is…”How much is it to play for Britton’s Bullpen?” Below is a brief rundown of expenses along with some of our fundraising options. This allows players to put some sweat equity into their season by working to pay for their opportunities. Over 95% of our players use these options to help ease the cost of a season.

8u | $300
9u | $400
10u | $500
11u – 12u | $600
13u – 14u | $800 (14u high school team starting in July is $600)
15u – 17/18u | $600

We provide:
-Leadership with over 16+ years in professional baseball and instruction.
-An indoor facility outfitted with top of the line equipment to practice indoors when weather restricts us from being outside.
-Free family membership is included to our indoor facility at all 3 locations.
-College baseball preparation, the recruiting process and more.
-Our 15u-18u clubs play a college showcase exposure schedule.
Come in as often and as much as you would like!
Tangible itemes included in this fee:
• Pinstripe top
• Pinstripe bottom
• Hat
• Helmet
• Practice top

• 8u – $350 ($500 with a non-parent manager)
• 9u – $400 ($550 with a non-parent manager)
• 10u – $500 ($650 with a non-parent manager)
• 11u – $500 ($650 with a non-parent manager)
• 12u – $500 ($650 with a non-parent manager)
• 13u – $600 ($750 with a non-parent manager)
• 14u – $600 ($750 with a non-parent manager)
• 15u – $600 ($750 with a non-parent manager)
• 16u – $600 ($750 with a non-parent manager)
• 17u – $600 ($750 with a non-parent manager)

Team Fee money will go towards the following expenses:
-Alternate Jersey (optional)
-Tournament fees
-Double headers or games (umpires)
-Field rental fees
-Pullovers, Warm-ups, Bags
-Line up cards
-Team functions
-Team meals
-Field improvements
-Non-parent coaching stipend
-End-of-Season Banquet

Total cost per player.
-8u: $650
-9u: $800
-10u: $1,000
-11u: $1,100
-12u: $1,100
-13u: $1,400
-14u: $1,400
-15u: $1,200
-16u: $1,200
-17u: $1,200
-18u: $1,200

Why do we fundraise? Simple… Had I personally not had an option to fundraise to cover my expenses as a ball player growing up I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to travel and play ball. I was very fortunate to be given that opportunity to earn it! Not everyone has the extra money laying around to pay for an entire season of expenses, I understand that. That is why we offer multiple fundraisers to help with our fees.

Fundraising Options | Listed below are fundraisers we setup for our players and teams to pay Organizational Fees and Team Fees.
• Raffle
Team Banners
Each individual team will be given the opportunity to sell advertising space on a traveling banner, as well as a banner that will hang inside of Britton’s Bullpen Each space will sell at $150
Business names, family names and memorials can be purchased on each banner. These banners hang at each event/tournament/ball game
• Laundry Detergent
Each individual team will be given the opportunity to sell laundry detergent. 50% of the total detergent sales will go towards fees.
Example: player sells $1,000 of detergent, $500 of
the $1,000 is put towards that players balance.
• Pork Loin Fundraiser
-Last year we cooked over 2,200 lbs of pork!

Any questions? Give us a call at 618-388-1000