Britton’s Bullpen Co-ed slow pitch softball tourney

2019 Brittons Bullpen co-ed Slow pitch softball tourney – Saturday September 21st 
NOBLE IL / Olney IL 

12 teams max (2 locations- championship game played at Noble) 
7 guys 3 girls – can not hit extra male player unless extra girl hits too. 
$200 entry 
3 game minimum (2 game pool play then single elimination) 
4-10 ft Arc, pitcher fakes allowed 
**Unlimited Home runs 
1-1, no courtesy 
50 minute game times, expect to start new games on the hour
UTrip/NSA bats, NSA balls will be provided
Must be 16 years old to play 

** You are allowed to pick up girls from other teams if needed
** You can NOT pick up guys from other teams. 
In the event a male player gets injured or has to leave, I will assign an 18U brittons player to your team. 

– concessions available all day 
– No alcoholic open containers allowed on the school property. 
– All proceeds go toward seasonal field maintenance for West Richland Baseball Diamonds 

Please text Matt Racinowski to reserve your team spot at 727-846-2281