Take a look at some highlights from this past camp!

Coach Ryan Jones’s pre-camp pump up speech!
Coach Phil Britton helping out
Hitting drills in the cages
Coach Connor Adams explaining the next drill
Getting ready for a diving catch
Practicing fast fielding techniques
Running up on a ground ball
Throwing on the run drill
Post-camp huddle with Coach Phil Britton
1, 2, 3, TEAM!!

Weekend Warrior

We have two Weekend Warriors this week!! Keep up the hard work guys!!

Dallas “Tex” Henson will own our 9u “Weekend Warrior” chain for the week. Congrats Tex! 👏👏

Madix Dillard rockin’ our 10u “Weekend Warrior” hardware! Congrats kid! 👏👏

10u News

Big thanks to Jeremy and the Carter Athletic Academy for hosting our 10u Britton’s Bullpen ball club workout this morning. Our 10u club got the invite to go down and check out their Hittrax system. Your kids will enjoy it, go check it out!


This kids got a bright future ahead of him… We want to congratulate Zander Piper for being nominated to the Youth Baseball Network Elite Games!